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Wasps are highly aggressive and vicious creatures, and once they’ve decided to make themselves at home on your property it can be tough to remove them. Without the appropriate PPE and professional-grade insecticides, attempting a DIY wasp nest removal places you at risk.

This is why we always recommend leaving it to the professionals. Here at Countrywide, we offer expert wasp nest removal services in Newbury and the surrounding areas of Berkshire, Hampshire, and Oxfordshire.

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    Your local Berkshire-based technicians are on hand to help home and business owners in Ascot, Windsor, Bracknell, Wokingham, Henley on Thames, Reading, West Reading, Pangbourne, Tilehurst, Purley on Thames, Burghfield, Mortimer, Tadley, Thatcham, Newbury, Hungerford and Lambourn.

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    Our expert wasp nest removals and wasp control services are available to all across the county of Hampshire, including Andover, Basingstoke, Hook, Fleet, and Farnborough.


    We also cover areas in the South East, including Winchester, Southampton, and Portsmouth.

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    We have numerous fully qualified technicians local to the county of Oxfordshire who are on hand to solve your wasp problem today. We cover all areas of the county, including Oxford, Abingdon, Wantage, Farringdon, Didcot and Wallingford

Signs of a Wasp Nest

During the summer months, you’ll likely see wasps flying around in the garden. Typically during May, the queen will be on the hunt for a new, suitable location to build a nest, so you may notice signs of a particularly large wasp flying around your windows or your roofline.

If she finds a way inside and decides that your property is a suitable location, she will begin to build the nest. Here are the top 3 most common signs to look out for:

  • Noise – Wasps make a distinctive buzzing noise which you’ll be able to hear clearly as they come and go every day. If you can hear a constant hum but you haven’t seen wasps then they may be nesting in a hard-to-reach area, like the loft or even in your walls.
  • Swarms – Wasps are highly active insects. They will leave their nests around 10 times a day in order to collect nesting materials and food for the queen and their young. They typically follow the same flight path each time, so you’re bound to see an increase in the number of wasps around your home.
  • Nests – The most obvious sign of a wasp infestation is a physical nest. Wasp nests are very distinctive in their appearance; they are usually brown or grey in colour with a texture similar to paper. Most wasps’ nests are roughly the size of a football, but the size does vary from nest to nest. Look out for the nests in hard-to-reach places like the loft, in the shed, along your fascias etc.

If you need advice on successfully identifying the type of pest that’s causing you trouble, why not contact us today and speak to a friendly member of the team who will offer guidance and support.

Commercial Wasp Nest Removals

Commercial properties are also at risk of wasp problems, and the risks they cause can have a damaging impact on your business. Wasp infestations on your property place you, your staff, and your customers at risk of harm. Wasp stings are incredibly painful, and in severe cases can cause an anaphylactic shock which requires urgent medical attention.

Failure to control and remove wasp nests on your commercial property could result in costly legal fees and damages if you’re found to be liable. As well as the damage they cause, the noise they produce can be disrupting to your customers and other businesses around you.

Any pest infestation within your business can dramatically affect your brand’s reputation, sending potential customers elsewhere due to the negative connotations associated with pests.

In order to help protect the reputation of your business, we offer completely discreet, emergency commercial pest control services to all local businesses. We’ve helped companies in all industries, including hospitality, education, agriculture and more.

If you’ve discovered signs of wasps on your commercial property in Berkshire, Hampshire or Oxfordshire then give us a call on 0800 078 7255 today to arrange your free site survey.

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We’ve carried out hundreds of successful wasp nest removals for homes and businesses across the South East of England. Check out our video library below:

Giant Wasp Nest Removal in Southampton

Active Wasp Nest removed from a loft space at a home in Newbury

Multiple Wasp Nests Removed from the roofline of a home in Reading

Wasp Nest Removed from a garden bush in Bracknell

Wasp Nest Removal in Farnborough

Wasp Nest Removed from a Dormer Window at a home in Wokingham

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More about Wasps

Let's take a closer look at the pests nesting inside your home...

Types of Wasps

There are two main species of wasps here in the UK: the Common Wasp, also known as Vespula Vulgaris, and the German Wasp with the Latin name Vespula Germanica.

Common Wasps

The common wasp is roughly 12-15mm in length, with black and yellow colouring that is fused together. They also have an anchor-shaped marking on the centre of their faces. Queens can grow up to 20mm in length.

German Wasps

German wasps tend to be slightly less aggressive than their common cousins – although, they will still sting anyone who approaches them. German wasps tend to have longer bodies, measuring 15mm on average. They also have black and yellow colouring, but the colours are not fused together. Instead of the anchor shape on their faces, German wasps have three small dots in a triangle shape on their nose.

Both species are common all across Britain, but identifying the type of wasp isn’t always necessary as our treatments are 100% effective on both.

Hornets Vs Wasps

Wasps and hornets are commonly confused, which isn’t surprising as their appearances are hugely similar. Hornets tend to be larger than both types of wasps, and their colouring is slightly on the red side, as opposed to the bright yellow colours visible on wasps. Their nests are much larger than a wasp’s to accommodate their longer length, and they are even more aggressive.

Here at Countrywide, we also carry out professional hornet nest removals and hornet control services across Newbury, and the surrounding areas of Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire. Contact your local pest control technician on 0800 078 7255 or book your free survey now.