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Example pest control price guide for common pest control call outs and treatments. Please note that some pests require “follow up” visits which is indicated in the descriptions below.

All prices are subject to Survey. Please contact us for more information.

Wasp Nest Treatment

From £50 plus VAT. Additional nests - £10 plus vat.
Single treatment to kill off wasp nests. Guaranteed treatment, discount when you book online.

Ant Treatment

£80 plus vat -
Treatment against garden ants. Includes a single visit to apply gel bait and a residual insecticide spray if required.

Rat Control (Treatment Programme)

From £60 per visit -Treatment programme to get rid of a Rat infestation. Consists of up to 3 visits involving an initial survey and targeted 1st visit followed by 2 follow up visits. £180 plus vat.

Mouse Control

£60 per visit. Treatment programme to get rid of a mouse infestation. Consists of up to 3 visits involving an initial survey and targeted 1st visit followed by 2 follow up visits.

Rodent Proofing

from £80 plus vat -
To carry out building proofing works to prevent rodents re-entering following a successful rodent control programme.


£180 plus vat -
Treatment inclusive of 3 visits to remove Squirrels from roof spaces


From £90 per visit.
Treatment programme to clear a property of Cockroaches. Consisting of 2 to 3 visits to apply Cockroach baits and Insectidie application where necessary.


from £100 per visit -
Insecticide treatment to get rid of fleas. Involves applying residual insecticide to carpets and under furniture. 2 applications/visits recommended

Clothes Moth and Carpet Beetle

From £90 per visit -
Treatments against "Textile Pests" involve insecticide application of carpeted areas and suft furnishings where moths/beetles and their larvae are present. One application is sufficient for light infestations however heavy infestations will require a second application.

Bed Bug treatment

From £120 per visit -
Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to gain control. Treatment is successful when pre treatment preperation is meticulously carried out and a thorough insecticide application is carried out.
The bed bug treatment is carried out over 3 visits.
For larger scale bed bug infestations we recommend a 'heat' treatment be carried out.

Bed Bug "Heat treatment"

From £600 plus vat -
For established bed bug infestations we recommend a full heat treatment be carried out.
The only way to kill eggs, larvae, pupae and adults without fumigation. Our strategy is to heat the contents of the room and the inner skin of the walls including skirting boards

Cluster Fly

from £90 plus vat -
Cluster Flies are a nuisance in loft spaces and upstairs bedrooms in the Autumn. Successful treatment can be achieved by "fogging" or "smoking" the roof space and also the application of insecticide.

Tropical Ants

From £90 per visit.
Pharoahs Ant and Ghost Ants are of high importance in centrally heated buildings where infestations can spread rapidly. Specialist knowledge is required to control these species effectively. Countrywide Pest Control offer site surveys, treatment plans and effective control programmes.

Mole Control

From £60 per visit -
Treatment consists of placing mole traps in runs and return visits to remove the moles. 2-3 visits required (£120 to £180 plus vat). Inclusive price is for up to 6 traps in a domestic setting. For larger areas such as football pitches or parks a site survey would be required.

Pigeon Proofing Installations

From £200 plus vat -
Countrywide install Pigeon deterrant netting, bird spikes and wire systems. This effective methods of deterring pigeons from buildings is guaranteed to be effective with long lasting results. Projects range from netting off balconies (circa £250 plus vat) to large commercial projects incorporating netting off entire roof spaces.

Pigeon Control

From £100 plus vat -
Occasionally when public health is at risk, and when deterrant measures are not practical, pigeons may need to be controlled. This is done swiftly and humanely and full risk assessment is carried out.

Pest Disinfection

from £60 plus vat -
Following pest control or bird guano removal we can apply space fogging of specialist disinfectant to kill off the disease orgainisms that pests leave behind.

Covid Disinfection

Following suspected virus outbreak in the workplace, Specialist disinfection can be applied quickly via the use of cold fogging machines. Formulations have been proven to be effectivice against strains of coronavirus.

Rabbit Control

from £90 per visit -
Rabbits can cause damage to crops, pasture, trees, hedges and banks. Countrywide offer lawful ways to control Rabbits on your land.

Commercial Pest Control Contracts

Free Survey -
Countrywide offer an array of tailer made preventative pest management service contracts throughout all industry sectors. From Pest Control in Pubs, Restaurans and Hotels to Distribution centres and Manufactoring, Countrywide have the right Pest Control Service Contract for your business.
We are your local British Pest Control Association Full Member company certified to the British Standard BSEN16636.
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