How Much does Pest Control Cost?

If you’ve never previously suffered from a pest infestation, then you’re probably wondering just how much does pest control cost?

Here at Countrywide, we’re proud to offer competitive and fair prices for all of our pest control treatments to homes and businesses across the South East of England. We’ve put together a price guide for our most common pest control callouts and treatments below to help put your mind at rest and provide you with as much prior knowledge as possible.

Please note that the prices listed below are subject to your survey and could change. In addition, some pests may require multiple visits to remove the infestation entirely. Your local pest control technician will clear all further details up with you during your visit, but please feel free to contact us today on 0800 078 7255 for more information.

Discover our list of pest control prices below for all treatments across Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, and Surrey.

close up of a wasp

Wasp Nest Removal & Treatment

Prices for Wasp Nest Removals and Control Treatments start from £70 (Including vat). Additional wasp nests are priced at £15 (Including vat).

The price of wasp control includes a single treatment to kill off the wasp nest. Guaranteed treatment, available now with a £5 discount when you book online!

close up of a black ant

Ant Control

Our price for an Ant Control service is £80 plus VAT.

Effective treatment against garden ants, which includes a single visit to your property. We will apply ant gel baits and a residual insecticide spray if necessary.

close up of a rat

Rat Control

Our expert Rat Control treatment programmes are tailored to each infestation, with prices starting from £249 Inc Vat.

Each treatment plan consists of up to three visits, with an initial survey, a targeted first visit and two follow-up visits.

If required, we also provide add on services. These include rat "proofing", CCTV drain surveys and disinfection services .

a house mouse with breadcrumbs

Mouse Control

We use treatment programmes to get rid of mice infestations effectively, with prices for Mice Control starting from £60 per visit.

Our mouse control treatments typically consist of an initial survey and then up to three visits to remove the infestation in full at £180, plus VAT.

countrywide technician rodent proofing a propety

Rodent Proofing

Rodent Proofing your home is essential to keep your property protected from the threat of rats, mice and squirrels.

Our rodent proofing services begin from £80, plus VAT. However, every property is different, and the costs reflect this.

grey squirrel

Squirrel Removal

Our Squirrel Removal treatments start from just £180, plus VAT. This price includes an initial site survey and three visits to remove the squirrel infestation fully.

close up of a cockroach

Cockroach Removal

At Countrywide, we provide a treatment programme for Cockroach Removal which cost £90 per visit, plus VAT.

We begin with an initial survey before applying cockroach baits and professional-grade insecticides over 2 to 3 visits.

close up of a flea in a carpet

Flea Removal

For Flea Removals, we recommend 2 visits to fully remove the infestation, with prices starting from £100 per visit.

This treatment involves applying residual insecticides to carpets, furniture and all affected areas.

clothes moth infestation

Clothes Moth and Carpet Beetle Control

Our prices for Textile Pests, like Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles, start from £90 per visit.

We use professional-grade insecticides to remove all stages of moth and beetle infestations. One visit is sufficient for light infestations; however, more severe moth infestations will require a second application.

bed bug on human skin

Bed Bug Control

We provide thorough insecticide applications to remove the notoriously difficult pests, with prices for Bed Bug control starting from £120 per visit.

Our bed bug treatments are carried out over three visits to ensure all signs of bed bug life are removed. For severe infestations, we strongly recommend a heat treatment.

Bed bug on skin before treatment

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

For severe Bed Bug infestations, we highly recommend using a heat treatment, with prices starting from £600 plus VAT.

Heating the contents of the room and the inner skin of the walls is the only way to kill all stages of the bed bugs' life cycle without fumigation.

cluster fly infestation on a window

Cluster Fly Control

Our Cluster Fly control treatments use fogging and smoking alongside an insecticide application.

Prices for Cluster Fly removals start from £90, plus VAT.

pharaoh ants

Tropical Ant Control

Our Ant Control services are for the treatment of Pharaoh and Ghost Ant infestations. From £90 per visit, plus VAT.

mole in a garden

Mole Control

For effective Mole Control treatments, we advise 2 to 3 visits, with prices from £60 per visit, plus VAT.

This price includes the use of up to 6 traps. However, larger areas like football pitches or parks, will require a site survey.

pigeon proofing installation

Pigeon Proofing

We provide a wide range of pigeon proofing services, including bird netting, bird spikes, and wire systems.

Prices vary hugely from project to project, but our prices start from £200, plus VAT. A site survey will be required to provide an accurate quote.

pigeon infestation

Pigeon Removal & Control

Our Pigeon Control & Removal services start from £100, plus VAT, and include a site survey, humane and effective removal and a full risk assessment.

rabbit infestation in a garden

Rabbit Control

Our humane and lawful Rabbit Control treatments start from £90 per visit, plus VAT. Designed to protect your crops, pastures, trees, hedges, banks, and gardens against the damage caused by Rabbits.

pest controller wearing full PPE delivering a disinfection service

Disinfection Service

We offer specialist Disinfection Services designed to kill off all diseases left behind by problem pests - starting from £60, plus VAT.

commercial pest control services in a warehouse

Commercial Pest Control Contracts

At Countrywide, we offer a wide range of pest management service contracts for all types of industries.

However, each solution is tailor-made to your needs, meaning there is no flat cost for all. Book a free survey today to get a quote for your commercial pest control contact.

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