Get rid of Bed Bugs from your home.

At the beginning of an infestation, bed bugs are likely to be found only in the tufts, seams, and folds of mattresses and bed covers. In areas of heavy infestation, bed bugs can be found in crevices in the bedsteads and behind peeling wallpaper and light sockets.

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Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to gain control. Treatment is successful when pre treatment preperation is meticulously carried out and a thorough insecticide application is applied.
The bed bug treatment is carried out over 3 visits.
For larger scale bed bug infestations we recommend a ‘heat’ treatment be carried out.

  • Initial telephone advice
  • Pre-treatment preperation list
  • 'Forensic' examination of infestation
  • Insecticide application
  • Follow up visits carried out
  • Heat treatment option available
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More about Bed Bugs

They feed principally on human blood by piercing the skin with a long beak and sucking blood into their stomachs. They feed mostly at night, but will feed during the day if hungry and the light is dim.


1/4 to 3/8 inch (4-5 mm)


Brown – Reddish Brown


Latin/scientific name: Cimex lectularius. The adult bed bug is a wingless insect that is flattened from top to bottom.


Body length: 6.5-10cm, Weight: 12-22g.

Life Cycle

The life cycle stages of a bed bug are egg, nymph, and adult. The females lay about 200 eggs, usually at the rate of three or four a day, in cracks and crevices in the floor or bed. Newly hatched bugs begin feeding immediately. They shed their skin five times before becoming adults.