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The city of Portsmouth is known worldwide for its ports, which can be traced back to the Roman era. It’s also famous for being the number one, most densely populated city in the UK, with a population of over 250,000 in an area of just 40.25 km2.

Unfortunately, such a dense population comes with challenges. The city of Portsmouth is home to various pests, including rats, mice, cockroaches, fleas, wasps, and pigeons. These pests cause difficulties to homes and businesses across the city daily via damage to properties, spreading infectious diseases and general disturbances. 

When left untreated, pest infestations will quickly get out of hand, Which is why, if you’ve noticed signs of pests on your Portsmouth property, you urgently require the services of a pest control professional. 

Your local, Countrywide technicians are on hand to deliver expert pest control services across the city of Portsmouth and surrounding areas. Contact our highly experienced team today on 0118 329 0020 or book a pest control treatment online to protect yourself from the risks pests cause. 

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About Countrywide Pest Control Portsmouth

Countrywide Pest Control has been actively providing highly effective and long-lasting pest control treatments across Portsmouth and the surrounding areas for over 15 years. We are proud to be Portsmouth's first choice for both domestic and commercial pest control. 

Pest Control Services in Portsmouth with a 100% Guarantee

All of our affordable pest control and proofing services come with a promised 100% guarantee. However, please note that conditions do apply, including whether or not our recommendations were followed and the length of time passed since our last visit. 

These conditions will be made clear to you by your technician during the treatment. If all conditions have been met, we will honour our guarantee and return to your property to resolve the issue, completely free of charge.

What areas of Portsmouth do you service?

Our entire range of pest control services is available to all across the city of Portsmouth and the South. We have local technicians available for same-day, emergency appointments in locations such as Buckland, Copnor, Cosham, Drayton, Eastney, Farlington, Fratton, Hilsea, Kingston, Landport, Milton, North End, Old Portsmouth, Paulsgrove, Portsea, Rudmore, Somerstown, Southsea, Stamshaw, Tipner and Wymering.

Countrywide Pest Control provides rodent control, insect control and bird control services across the following postcodes: PO1, PO2, PO3, PO4, PO5, PO6, PO7, and PO8. 

What pests control services do you offer in Portsmouth?

We know that finding pests in your home can be highly distressing. That’s why we provide control services and proofing treatments for all pests across Portsmouth, including rodents like mice and rats, insects like bed bugs and cockroaches, and even birds like pigeons and seagulls. 

Helping you to keep your loved ones and your property safe from the risks that pests cause. Discover the full range of services available to you below.

Bird Control Portsmouth

Seagulls and pigeons are highly prevalent across the port city of Portsmouth. Unfortunately, bird infestations can quickly get out of hand and end up causing severe structural damage to your property. Additionally, birds carry a vast range of diseases that unfortunately lead to potentially life-threatening illnesses in humans.

To help keep you safe from the risk of birds, we provide our expert bird control services. Using methods including bird netting, bird spikes, Avishock and BirdAlert, we can swiftly remove birds nesting on your property. We will sanitise affected areas following these treatments to remove the risk of catching a dangerous disease before proofing the site to ensure the birds cannot return. 

We also offer bird proofing for solar panels in Portsmouth. Unfortunately, while they’re a brilliant investment, solar panels provide the perfect nesting place for birds like pigeons and seagulls, leading to numerous issues. 

Discover more about pigeon control.

Rat Control Portsmouth

Like most densely populated cities, Portsmouth is unfortunately home to a large number of rats. As a result, rat control treatments are some of the most frequent jobs we carry out in the area. Rats are part of the Rodentia family, like mice and squirrels, meaning their front incisors never stop growing. Therefore, they have a constant need to grind them down by chewing continuously to combat this. 

This constant gnawing causes severe problems once they’ve decided to call your home their own; they will chew through furniture, skirting boards, wooden beams, and even electrical cables. On top of the physical damage they cause, they are also known carriers of numerous diseases, including Rat Bite Fever and Hantavirus, which can cause serious health difficulties in humans. 

To protect you from such risks, we use baits, traps and professional-grade poisons to remove the infestation entirely. Once the rats have successfully been removed, we will proof the problem areas and block any access points to prevent the problem from recurring. 

Learn more about rat control.

Wasp Nest Removal Portsmouth

During the summer, you may notice an increase in the number of wasps around your property as this is their nesting season. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when wasps are most aggressive. Therefore, it’s vital to leave them alone at all costs during this period – please avoid attempting DIY wasp removals if you’ve found them in your home as it can result in serious injuries. 

Keep yourself safe and leave it up to the wasp nest removal professionals at Countrywide Pest Control. We have conducted hundreds of wasp control services across the city of Portsmouth and surrounding areas. With professional-grade insecticides and the appropriate PPE, we will have your property wasp-free in no time. 

Learn more about our wasp nest removal services.

Bed Bug Control Portsmouth

Establishments like hotels are hotspots for bed bugs; with so many visitors coming and going, you never know what people are bringing in on their luggage! Despite their microscopic size, bed bugs are intelligent creatures. They will cling onto clothing, bags, and shoes in order to transfer between locations and survive.

If you’ve noticed red marks on your skin and painful bites appearing overnight, unfortunately, you’ve got a bed bug infestation. When it comes to effective bed bug control, it’s vital to remove bed bugs in all stages of their lives; otherwise, the infestation will return in no time at all. 

To successfully remove all bed bugs from your Portsmouth property, including larvae, nymphs and eggs, we use a combination of chemical and heat treatments. Our expert pest controllers will also provide you with the essential knowledge to help you stay bed bug-free in future.

Learn more about bed bug control.

Cockroach Control Portsmouth

If you own a home or business in the city of Portsmouth, then the last thing you need is a cockroach infestation. Cockroaches carry multiple infectious diseases, including dysentery that can cause food poisoning and other health complications. In severe cases, a cockroach infestation could even result in the closure of your business!

Because of this, it’s essential to control the infestation as quickly as possible. If you’ve noticed signs of cockroaches living in your Portsmouth property, then you need the professional services of a pest control provider – like Countrywide.  

Learn more about cockroach control.

Ant Control Portsmouth

Ants can cause serious disruption to your day to day life, particularly during the summer months. Ant infestations can get out of hand fast, thanks to their rapid breeding abilities. Unfortunately, DIY treatments and ant repellants available to the public are rarely effective.

Our BPCA qualified technicians have carried out complex ant removals in the past, so they know exactly how to identify the location of a nest. Using professional-grade insecticides and control methods, we will have your Portsmouth home or business ant-free as soon as possible, meaning you can return to life as usual.

Learn more about ant control

Moth Control Portsmouth

Like most insect infestations, moth problems can quickly spiral out of control. If left untreated, a moth infestation can result in considerable damage to your treasured possessions. Moths will eat their way through your clothes and soft furnishings in no time at all.

In order to remove all moths, we use a combination of heat and chemical treatments. Resulting in a moth-free property with no chance of their return. 

Learn more about moth control.

Commercial Pest Control In Portsmouth

At Countrywide Pest Control, we offer all of our pest control services to commercial clients across Portsmouth. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we know just how damaging a pest infestation can be for businesses. 

Not only will pests cause physical damage to your property, but the diseases they carry can also place your staff and customers at risk. On top of this, the presence of pests can have an extremely negative impact on your brand’s reputation, sending customers elsewhere and affecting your potential profits. Depending on the type of industry, pest infestations could even result in business closure.

As a local business ourselves, we know just how important it is to protect your reputation in the community, which is why we offer discreet services to all commercial clients. 

If you’ve noticed signs of pests on your commercial property in Portsmouth, then it’s vital to act fast to minimise the damages. So book a visit or a free survey online now, or contact your local commercial pest control provider, Countrywide Pest Control, for advice and guidance today.