Professional Pest Control for Rabbits

Despite their fluffy tails and cute appearance, rabbits are capable of causing a significant amount of damage to your land and property. Rabbit infestations get out of hand fast. So, contacting your local rabbit control experts is vital to get the infestation under control as soon as possible and minimise the damage caused.

Here at Countrywide Pest Control, we offer rabbit control services to homes and businesses in Newbury and the surrounding areas of the South East, including Berkshire, Hampshire, and Oxfordshire. 

If you’ve discovered wild rabbits on your property, please contact us today at 0800 078 7255 to speak to our team or book your rabbit control treatment now. 

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Signs of a Rabbit Infestation

Wild rabbits are usually timid creatures who will run away and hide from humans and other animals. However, this means it’s rare that you will see the rabbits causing problems on your property with your own eyes.

Instead, there are a number of telltale signs that you can look out for to help identify a rabbit infestation on your property. If you think you’re suffering from a rabbit problem, look out for the following signs:

  • Droppings – As is common amongst all pests, rabbits leave behind distinctive droppings wherever they go. While unsanitary, they can be incredibly helpful in helping us identify a problem pest. Rabbit droppings are usually tiny, like the size of a pea. They tend to be black or dark brown in colour, and there will be lots of little droppings grouped together, particularly in areas like flowerbeds.
  • Holes – Rabbits live underground, which, unfortunately for you, means they spend a lot of their time digging. You will notice obvious signs of digging, i.e. holes in your lawn, piles of dirt, and damage to flowerbeds if rabbits are living in your garden.
  • Damage to Plants – Rabbits eat plants and flowers to survive and satisfy their insatiable appetites. If a rabbit infestation is present on your property, then you will notice a good deal of damage to your gardening efforts, with clean-cut damage visible on leaves, flowers and stems. If left untreated, a rabbit infestation will make light work of your garden in a matter of days!

Fortunately, it’s rare for rabbits to enter properties, so the signs listed above should only be evident in your outdoor space. Nevertheless, keep an eye out for these signs in your garden, and if present, don’t hesitate to contact your local technician on 0800 078 7255 for a free site survey.

Commercial Rabbit Control Solutions

Yes, rabbit infestations in your garden can be irritating as they destroy all your hard work, but when wild rabbits make themselves at home on commercial land, the problems begin to escalate tenfold.

The destruction they cause and the rate at which they’re capable of digging warrens and burrows can result in an enormous amount of damage to crops and infrastructure, estimated to cause losses of around £300 million each year, on average!

Failure to control a rabbit problem on your commercial land not only places you at risk of a significant loss of profits and extensive damage, but you could also receive costly fines and legal fees under the Pest Act 1954.

Successfully controlling the infestation and rabbit-proofing your commercial land will protect you from such problems while also protecting your business’ reputation. News of a pest infestation can generate bad reviews and send potential clients elsewhere, thereby negatively affecting profits.

The diseases rabbits carry also place you, your customers and your staff at serious risk of developing a health condition requiring medical treatment. Plus, depending on your industry, such diseases can easily be passed onto your products, leaving you with contaminated stock that cannot be sold. 

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses across the South East of England to stay rabbit-free, including farms, sports grounds, golf courses, tourist attractions, and heritage sites. We know how important your reputation is, which is why we offer discreet commercial pest control services to all local businesses.

If you’ve noticed signs of rabbits on your commercial land in Berkshire, Hampshire or Oxfordshire, then it’s time to contact us

Book your free site survey now, and our local technicians will be on-site as soon as possible to provide effective rabbit control and proofing measures. 

  • Rabbit Control Services in Berkshire

    We have Countrywide technicians based across the county of Berkshire ready to attend to your pest problem as soon as possible. This allows us to provide our expert rabbit control services to homes and businesses in areas such as Bracknell, Ascot, Windsor, Reading, Thatcham, Mortimer, Hungerford, Newbury, Windsor, and Wokingham.

  • Rabbit Control Services in Hampshire

    Our wide range of pest control treatments, including rabbit control services, are available across the county of Hampshire. With local technicians on hand to help homes and businesses in areas such as Hook, Fleet, Basingstoke, Andover, and Farnborough.

    We also service properties across the South East of England and have completed numerous rabbit control jobs in areas such as Southampton and Portsmouth.

  • Rabbit Control Services in Oxfordshire

    Our expert technicians are available for rabbit control treatments and proofing services across the county of Oxfordshire. Helping residential and commercial properties in areas such as Oxford, Farringdon, Didcot, and Wantage stay safe from the threat of rabbit infestations.

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More About Rabbits

Understanding the pest that's causing you problems is essential when it comes to effective pest control. So, let's take a closer look at wild rabbits...

Rabbits & the Law

Due to the enormous amount of damage rabbits are capable of causing, the Pests Act 1954 declared England (excluding the City of London and the Isles of Scilly) a rabbit clearance area. 

This Act means it’s a legal requirement for all land owners across the country to take action and control rabbit infestations on their property. You are also expected to take appropriate action to prevent the infestation from affecting adjoining areas of land, such as rabbit-proof fencing, for example. 

Failure to enforce rabbit control solutions and proofing measures can lead to expensive fines, legal fees, and even prosecution from the Secretary of State for the Environment. 

Rabbits and Disease

Rabbits are known to be carriers of disease, and unfortunately, these diseases can be easily transmitted to humans and other animals rather easily. Mites and ticks will feed on infected wild rabbits and then transfer this bacteria to humans and pets via bites.

Diseases can also be passed from rabbits to humans via direct contact. This is why we always recommend leaving rabbit control to the experts, as we have the appropriate PPE and knowledge to protect ourselves from any such diseases. 

Potential diseases wild rabbits may be carrying include:

  • Tularemia – Also referred to as rabbit fever, tularemia is a disease caused by a bacterial infection. In humans, it causes swollen lymph nodes and ulcers and, in severe cases, can lead to pneumonia if the bacteria makes its way to the lungs. 
  • Salmonella – Rabbits pick up the bacteria from contaminated food or water and unknowingly spread it to humans. Salmonellosis affects the intestinal tract and causes diarrhoea and vomiting. Young children, the elderly, and immunocompromised people are particularly at risk, as the disease can lead to further health complications.
  • Ringworm – A fungal infection that causes painful rashes, ringworm is a common disease carried by rabbits. Once passed to humans, the itchy rashes can develop further into hair loss and long-lasting skin conditions.
  • Rabies – Although transmission from a rabbit to a human is rare, it’s not impossible. Rabies is a deadly condition caused by a viral disease that attacks your nervous system. In humans, it causes vomiting, confusion, excessive salivation and, if medical attention is not received immediately, even death.

To prevent the serious risk of contracting one of the above diseases, it’s vital to contact a professional rabbit controller near you – like Countrywide.

Expert Rabbit Control Services

Our BPCA-qualified technicians are all highly experienced when it comes to carrying out rabbit control. We’ve successfully completed hundreds of rabbit control and proofing treatments for domestic and commercial clients across Newbury and the surrounding areas of Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire. 

Plus, our pest control treatments all come with a 100% guarantee, so you can be confident in our ability to have your land rabbit-free in no time. 

If you’ve noticed signs of rabbits on your land or in your garden, then it’s time to contact us as soon as possible. Call your local technician on 0800 078 7255 to book your rabbit control service, or fill out our simple form and book your free survey to start the process.