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Despite their size, mice can cause an enormous amount of damage to your property, and their presence in your building also places you and your loved ones at risk of catching dangerous diseases. To make matters worse, mice are capable of reproducing at rapid speeds, which means your mice problem could turn into a full-blown infestation in just a matter of weeks.

Therefore, removing mice on your property as quickly as possible is vital to minimise the problems they cause – which is where we come in! Here at Countrywide Pest Control, we offer our expert mice removal, control and proofing services to homes and businesses across Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, and Wiltshire.

With highly qualified and experienced technicians based across the South-East of England, we can have your property mice-free in no time at all. 

So, if you’ve noticed signs of mice on your premises, call our friendly team on 0800 078 7255 or book your visit now.

We offer a home call out service for mice in Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

  • Mice Control Services in Berkshire

    With local technicians based across the county of Berkshire, we’re always on hand to help control and remove your mice problems. Our mice control services are available to all areas of Berkshire, including Ascot, Windsor, BracknellWokingham, Henley on Thames, Reading, West Reading, Pangbourne, Tilehurst, and Purley on Thames, Burghfield, Mortimer, Tadley, Thatcham, Newbury, Hungerford and Lambourn.

  • Mice Control Services in Hampshire

    Looking for effective mice control treatments in Hampshire? Then look no further! Our experienced pest controllers offer mice control to homes and businesses across the county of Hampshire, including areas such as Andover, Basingstoke, Hook, Fleet, and Farnborough

    Plus, we also travel across the surrounding areas of the South East of England, removing mice infestations from properties in Winchester, SouthamptonPortsmouth and more.

  • Mice Control Services in Oxfordshire

    Unfortunately, homes and businesses across the county of Oxfordshire regularly fall victim to the issues caused by mice infestations. However, Countrywide pest control technicians are on hand to help; delivering professional mice control services across the county, including areas such as Oxford, Abingdon, Wantage, Farringdon, Didcot, Wallingford, and more.

Signs of a Mice Infestation

Identifying an active mouse problem on your property can be difficult as they are incredibly timid creatures that are mostly active during the early hours of the night. 

Instead, we’ve put together a few of the most common signs of a mice infestation that you can look out for across your home:

  • Droppings – Wherever they go, mice will leave behind droppings. Producing up to 80 droppings per night, you’re bound to notice these across your home, particularly in secluded, dark areas such as cupboards and along skirting boards. Mouse droppings are smaller than rat droppings, measuring roughly 5mm in length and are usually dark in appearance.
  • Noise – One of the most common ways homeowners discover a mice infestation on their property is via noise. When mice are most active during the night, you’ll be able to hear scratching and footprints as they run across your ceilings and floorboards and even in your walls.
  • Greasy Smears – Mice are not the cleanest of animals, and the dirt and grease that often builds up on their fur are transferred to your walls, floors and skirting boards as they run around the home. Look out for dark smears on your walls and furniture – this can also help you to narrow down where they are nesting as they often follow the same routes every night.
  • Footprints – As they like to roam freely around less used areas of your property, you can often find tiny footprints in the dust. If you suspect you have a mice infestation, try laying down a light layer of flour or talcum powder and check the area the next morning for footprints and tail marks.
  • Smell – Rat infestations have a distinct odour caused by their urine. Their wee has a strong ammonia scent, and they frequently urinate wherever they go. Unfortunately, as it dries, the smell only gets worse. If you’ve noticed a bad smell throughout your home, but you just can’t explain it, you might have yourself a mice infestation.
  • Nests – Once they’ve decided to call your home their own, mice will get started on creating a nest. They use whatever materials they can find, often paper, cardboard, insulation, etc., to build their nests. Look out for small nests made of such materials in areas like the loft, in the airing cupboard, cavity walls, and under floorboards.

If you need help identifying a suspected pest problem on your property, please contact us today, and a member of the team will offer advice and guidance on the matter. 

Noticed one or more of the signs listed above? Then you require mice control and fast. Book your visit today or call now on 0800 078 7255, and a local technician will be out to help as soon as possible.

Commercial Mice Control Solutions

Running a business is stressful enough as it is, and the last thing you need to add to your already-full plate is a mice infestation. An active mice problem on your business premises can result in a wide range of issues, including costly fines, potential business closure and even prosecution! 

Under multiple legislations and trading standards, as a business owner, you are required to maintain a safe and pest-free environment for your staff and customers. We can help you to remain legally compliant and open for business with our commercial pest control services

Our expert mice control treatments are available to commercial properties across Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and all surrounding areas of the South East of England. Designed to protect you from the structural damage they’re capable of and the negative impact a pest infestation can have on your business’s reputation, our discreet mice control services will have your premises pest-free in no time.

We’ve delivered expert commercial mice control treatments to businesses in all industries, including healthcare, hospitality, education, agriculture, retail, and more. So, if you’ve noticed signs of a mice problem on your business premises, it’s time to call your local commercial pest controllers now on 0800 078 7255 to arrange your free site survey.

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Mice in the UK

While there are a number of different types of mice living in the UK, including the wood mouse and the field mouse, the most common type of mouse you're likely to find on your property is the appropriately named 'house mouse'. The house mouse, Latin name Mus Musculus, originated in Asia but has since spread throughout the world. Along with brown rats, they are considered to be the most widespread terrestrial mammal other than humans.

The House Mouse

The house mouse variety has a typical lifespan of up to two years, on average. They usually measure between 6.5cm to 10cm in length and weigh between 12g to 22g. Their fur is a mix of brown and grey, with slightly lighter flecks on their chest and tummy. They are characterised by their large ears, pointed snout and long tails. 

Female mice can produce between 5 and 10 litters every year; each litter consists of up to 8 young who will become completely independent in just three weeks after their birth. They feed on practically anything they can find in their environments, but they generally prefer to eat cereals and insects. 

House mice are nocturnal creatures who like to keep to themselves and hide away from predators in the shadows. In wild populations, the house mouse is a poor competitor against other rodents, meaning other species often displace them. 

They are typically aggressive, and fighting is common between groups, although females have an aggression-inhibiting hormone in their urine to prevent attack from other mice. House mice build tunnel systems which may be a short tunnel with just one chamber or a complex network with several exits and chambers. Some of these chambers may also contain bedding material as they nest inside their mazes. 

Mice and Disease

Alongside the physical damage they can cause to your home or business, the presence of mice on your property creates a health hazard to anyone nearby, including your family, friends, staff, and customers. 

Mice, just like rats, are known carriers of disease and, once contracted, some of which can lead to potentially life-threatening illnesses. The diseases mice carry include:

  • E Coli
  • Salmonella
  • Weil’s disease (Leptospirosis)
  • Cryptosporidiosis
  • Tuberculosis

These diseases can be spread in numerous ways, including direct contact with mice or simply inhaling or consuming contaminated food and dust. To limit your exposure to such diseases and the resulting health conditions they cause, we strongly advise against DIY mice control methods. Without the knowledge and experience we professionals have, plus our high-quality PPE and pest control equipment, you’re simply placing yourself in harm’s way. 

Professional Mice Control Services

Using professional-grade rodenticides, traps and baits, we’ve carried out hundreds of successful mice control treatments at properties across NewburyReadingBerkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, and Wiltshire. 

All mice control services will be carried out by experienced BPCA qualified technicians, plus they all come with a 100% guarantee. So, if you’re looking for effective mice control – look no further! Call now on 0800 078 7255 to speak to your local technician or book your free survey now, and we’ll be with you as soon as possible.