Expert Drain Investigations

Did you know that an estimated 1.6million rats are living in our sewers? This shocking statistic means they have direct access to the drain pipes of homes and businesses up and down the country. 

Unfortunately, because of the location of your drainage and sewerage pipes, it’s incredibly rare for you to notice rats in your drains until it’s too late and they’ve already made their way into your property. This then places you at risk of a full-blown rodent infestation that will require professional rat control services

To help protect your home and your loved ones from the threat of rats, we offer specialist drain surveys using top-of-the-range CCTV equipment. By inspecting your drains, we can identify any damage already caused by rodents, plus the ingress points they are using to enter your property. 

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Rats in Drains

We’re regularly called to properties across the South East of England that are suffering at the hands of a rat infestation. While they couldn’t be farther from the ideal living conditions for us, drains provide the perfect environment for rodents. They have access to shelter where they won’t be disturbed, plenty of water available and food sources from the waste we flush down our drains.

How do Rats get into Drains?

Rats will find their way into your drains effortlessly; they only need a tiny crack to find their way in as they can easily chew through the plastic. Poorly maintained pipes may suffer from damage over time which creates such ingress points.  

Other defects advantageous to rats include:

  • Displaced joints,
  • Redundant junctions
  • Incorrectly fitted connections into the drains

Once they’ve made their way inside, they can manoeuvre around your plumbing with ease. Rats are brilliant climbers, and they are also able to swim, which means there are essentially no limits. Unfortunately, this also means it’s not uncommon for a rat to climb up your U-bend and into your bathroom!

Rat Proofing Drains

Fortunately, our highly experienced pest control technicians are on hand with a range of highly effective rat control measures to rid you of your infestation. Our rat drain surveys will uncover all defected areas on your property that would allow for a rat infestation.

Once the infestation has been removed successfully, we can then employ our professional-grade rodent proofing measures to ensure your rat problem cannot return.

CCTV Drain Investigations

Years ago, accurately pinpointing the exact locations of rodent and rat entry points in a property’s plumbing was a timely and costly procedure. However, thanks to innovations in technology, we can now carry out thorough drain inspection surveys using miniature cameras and CCTV quickly and efficiently.

Our extensive CCTV drain inspections provide a higher level of accuracy for you, the home or business owner, and your pest control providers, resulting in a guaranteed rat control treatment and peace of mind for you.

During our extensive drain survey, we will inspect all branch lines and connections to generate a detailed survey report with video files and drawings.

Trusted Rat Drain Surveys

If you suspect you’ve got a rat infestation on your property, and you’re not sure where they’re coming from, then it’s time to contact the professionals before it’s too late. Rat infestations will quickly get out of hand and cause an extensive amount of damage to the structure of your property and place everyone in the vicinity in danger of contracting a severe disease. 

Our highly skilled pest controllers are on hand to deliver expert rat drain surveys across the South East of England, so book your free site survey to get started now or contact us to speak to our friendly team, who will answer any questions you may have. 

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