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The port city of Southampton is known for being the original starting point of the RMS Titanic, and the birthplace of the Spitfire. With a huge population of over 250,000 people, Southampton is one of the most populous cities in the whole of Southern England. 

Unfortunately, with such a large number of people in one area, it’s also home to numerous pests. Homes and businesses across the city are plagued with rats, mice, wasps, bed bugs, pigeons and seagulls. Such pest infestations can quickly get out of hand, resulting in costly damage and serious health risks.

If you’ve noticed signs of any pests on your property, then it’s vital to contact a pest control professional as soon as possible. Here, at Countrywide Pest Control, our highly experienced technicians are on hand to provide pest control in Southampton and surrounding areas. Protect yourself from diseases and damage using our expert services; simply call on 0118 329 0020 or contact us today to book your treatment.

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About Countrywide Pest Control Southampton

At Countrywide Pest Control, we are proud to offer our highly effective and long-lasting services to both domestic and commercial clients. Our wonderful team of technicians have been established in Southampton and surrounding areas for over 15 years. So, it's no wonder that we're the company of choice for pest control.  Whether it's a rat infestation in a home in Maybush or a commercial bird proofing solution in Thornhill, we've got you covered. Noticed signs of pests in your home or commercial property? Book a visit online today!

Pest Control Services in Southampton with a 100% Guarantee

Not only are our pest control and proofing services affordable and highly competitive, but every treatment comes with our promised 100% guarantee. 

Please be aware that conditions do apply. For example, how long it has been since our last visit to your property and have our recommendations been followed, etc. But don’t worry, your technician will explain all of this to you during the booking or the treatment.

If our guidelines have been followed and the conditions met, we will return to your property to put matters right 100% of the time – completely free of charge. 

What areas of Southampton do you service?

Our professional pest control services are available across the entire city of Southampton and surrounding areas. Our rodent, insect and bird control solutions are available in Belvoir Valley, Bitterne Manor, Highfield, Lordshill, Lordswood, Mansbridge, Maybush, Midanbury, Northam, Ocean Village, The Polygon, Regent’s Park, St Denys, Thornhill, Townhill Park, and Weston to name a few. 

Our local technicians are available for pest control in SO14, SO15, SO16, SO17, SO18, SO19, SO20, SO21, SO22, SO23, SO24, SO30, SO31, SO32, SO40, SO41, SO42, SO43, SO45, SO50, SO51, SO52, and SO53.

What pests control services do you offer in Southampton?

With our years of experience in the pest control industry, we know just know distressing it can be to find signs of pests in your home. We have been operating across Southampton and the South of England for over 15 years, providing expert treatments to protect you and your loved ones from the threat of pests. 

Discover the range of pest control services we offer in Southampton below.

Bird Control Southampton

We are Southampton’s number one provider of bird control services, including bird netting installations, bird spikes, bird-free gels, avishock, bird alert and more. Bird infestations can quickly get out of hand, and once they’ve decided to call your property their home, it can be tough to eliminate them. 

During their time on your property, they can cause significant damage, destroying available materials to use in their nests and leaving their acidic bird droppings everywhere – which, if left untreated, can cause severe structural damage. As well as this, birds carry numerous diseases, some of which can cause potentially life-threatening illnesses in humans. 

To prevent birds from making your home their own, we offer expert bird proofing treatments for both domestic and commercial clients, including bird proofing solar panels, to keep them away for good. 

Learn more about pigeon control.

Rat Control Southampton

Rodents, particularly rats, are the most common pest we are called out to deal with in Southampton and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, rats carry a wide range of diseases which can easily be transmitted to humans. These diseases, including Hantavirus, Rat Bite Fever and Leptospirosis, can develop into serious health problems – particularly for those with pre-existing conditions, children and the elderly.

As well as the health risks they present, rats also cause a surprising amount of damage for such small animals. Once in your home, they will chew their way through whatever they can find, whether that’s your furniture, wooden beams, skirting boards, or even electrical cables. 

After a survey of the property in question, we will use traps, baits and professional-grade poisons to remove the infestation before proofing the problem areas to prevent the return of a rat infestation. 

Learn more about rat control.

Wasp Nest Removal Southampton

Wasps tend to enter properties during the summer months, but unfortunately, this is also the time of year when wasps tend to be the most aggressive. If you’ve found wasps nesting in your home, then please avoid them at all costs. We strongly advise against DIY treatments as they can result in serious injuries and severe allergic reactions. 

Instead, why not leave it to the wasp removal professionals who have completed hundreds of wasp nest removals across Southampton. Our Countrywide technicians are fully equipped with the highest quality PPE to keep them safe on the job. Contact us today or learn more about our wasp nest removal services.

Bed Bug Control Southampton

Despite public opinion, any property can fall victim to a bed bug infestation, regardless of cleanliness! Many assume that bed bugs only target dirty properties, but this simply isn’t the case. Instead, they cling onto suitcases, clothes, bags, and shoes, transferring from household to household. 

If you’ve recently spent the night in a hotel and now you wake up in pain and covered in bites during the night, you’ve got yourself a bed bug infestation. These tiny pests can be challenging to remove as it’s essential to remove the bed bugs in all stages of their lives. 

At Countrywide, our highly-qualified technicians use a combination of heat and chemical treatments to ensure all bed bugs, including adults, eggs, and nymphs, have been eliminated. 

Learn more about bed bug control.

Cockroach Control Southampton

Cockroach infestations can quickly spiral out of control thanks to their rapid reproduction rate. Because of this, it’s vital to contact a pest control professional, like Countrywide, as soon as you notice cockroaches on your property. 

These pests carry a wide range of infectious diseases, including polio and dysentery, which can cause food poisoning and other health issues. Cockroaches can also cause serious problems for commercial businesses – particularly within the food industry. Restaurants, kitchens, and food storage facilities can face fines or even closure due to cockroach infestations. Don’t let this happen to you; instead, contact our BPCA qualified pest control technicians today for a cockroach-free home or business.

Learn more about cockroach control.

Ant Control Southampton

While they may not be deadly or particularly damaging, nobody wants an ant infestation in their home or business. They quickly take over properties via their sheer numbers, but they can be challenging to control. Therefore, it’s vital to identify the location of a nest before carrying out any control methods, which is where our technician’s experience, know-how and BPCA training come into play.  

Learn more about ant control

Moth Control Southampton

Clothes moths and carpet moths can quickly cause a significant amount of damage to your possessions as they eat their way through your clothing, soft furnishings and any other natural materials they come across. Don’t let these moths multiply; instead, contact our expert team, who use specialist equipment to remove both the larvae and adult moths. This treatment results in a moth-free property and helps prevent their return. 

Learn more about moth control.

Squirrel Control Southampton

Don’t be fooled by their bushy tails; grey squirrels are carriers of deadly diseases and are also responsible for the rapid decline in the population of red squirrels here in the UK. They commonly chew their way into your loft space, and once they’re inside, the damage doesn’t stop there.

Squirrels will chew their way through whatever they can get their hands on in order to grind down their incisors. They will chew through cables and wood, keeping you awake in the early hours of the morning while causing structural damage that will require costly repair jobs. 

At Countrywide, we use entirely humane methods to control squirrels, including live-trapping. Once we know the squirrel infestation has been removed, we will then squirrel-proof the property to prevent any recurrence. 

Learn more about squirrel control.

Commercial Pest Control In Southampton

In our 15 years in the industry, we have seen the damage that pest infestations can cause to big and small businesses. Infestations of rodents, insects, and even birds can dramatically affect your brand’s reputation – and depending on the type of business you run, a pest problem on your property could also result in closure. 

In order to help local businesses maximise their profits and stay legally compliant, we offer all of our pest control services and treatments to commercial clients. In addition, discreet treatments are also available for some pests to help protect your business’ standing in the community.

If you’ve found pests on your commercial property, then don’t delay! Contact your local commercial pest control provider, Countrywide Pest Control, today for free advice or to book a treatment.