Emergency Pest Control Services in Basingstoke

Basingstoke is known for being the perfect combination of a vibrant town and idyllic countryside. However, despite its beautiful appearance, Basingstoke is prone to many pests.

Common pests like rats and mice, wasps and cockroaches, and even pigeons and seagulls can take over your Basingstoke home without you knowing. When left untreated, such pest problems can develop into severe infestations, spread disease and result in costly repairs.

Countrywide provides pest control solutions for domestic and commercial customers in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas, with emergency appointments available to have you pest-free in no time.

Have you noticed signs of pests on your property? Then call your local pest control company on 0800 078 7280 or contact us today for professional help.

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  • Pest prevention proofing to stop future infestations

Countrywide Environmental Introduction

100% Guarantee on Pest Control Basingstoke Treatments

With years of experience in the industry, we know what we’re doing. That’s why all of our pest control treatments come with a promised 100% guarantee. However, please note that conditions apply, including how long it’s been since our treatment and whether our recommendations have been actioned. All of this will be explained to you by your local Basingstoke technician during the treatment. If you have followed our guidelines, we will return to your property, free of charge, 100% of the time.

Your local pest control technician in Basingstoke is on-hand for domestic and commercial customers throughout the following postcodes:

  • RG21
  • RG22
  • RG23
  • RG24

What pest control solutions do you offer in Basingstoke?

Whether it’s rodents, insects, or birds you’re having trouble with, you’ll be aware of the extensive damage and risk they put you and everyone in the vicinity at. Most pests, like rats, mice, pigeons and seagulls, carry numerous potentially life-threatening diseases.

Bird Pest Control Basingstoke

Being a rural area, our Basingstoke domestic customers are often plagued with bird infestations. Failure to remove the infestations can lead to serious health risks and structural damage to your property. So if you’ve noticed signs of birds such as pigeons or seagulls nesting on your property – don’t despair! Contact your local bird pest control experts today at 0800 078 7280 to discuss bird proofing options.

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Rat Control Basingstoke

It is no surprise to learn that the most common pest control issue we deal with daily is rats. These rodents enter properties looking for food, water and shelter. However, they can be challenging to eliminate once they’ve made themselves home. While in your home, they spread diseases via their faeces and cause structural damage to your property. To help keep your home rat-free, we offer numerous pest exterminator services across Basingstoke for rats, including traps, professional-grade poisons, and pest prevention treatments.

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Wasp Nest Removal Basingstoke

The summer months are often rife with wasp pest control problems. Once they’ve made their nest on your property, removing them yourself can be extremely dangerous. Wasps become highly aggressive and will attack anyone who attempts to disrupt them. Please avoid DIY treatments and use the services of a trained professional instead. At Countrywide, we have completed hundreds of wasp nest removal jobs across Basingstoke and surrounding areas. We use professional-grade PPE, equipment, and guaranteed pest control techniques to eliminate your wasp pest problem for good.

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Bed Bug Control Basingstoke

Bed bugs can, unfortunately, make their way into your property by clinging onto your possessions and clothing. The common misconception that a lack of personal hygiene inherently causes bed bugs is entirely untrue; bed bugs will make their home anywhere they can, regardless of how clean or dirty it is! Once they’re in your home, they can be challenging to remove altogether. To ensure we remove all stages of bed bug life in your home, our local pest control Basingstoke technicians will use a combination of heat and chemical treatments depending on the affected area.

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Ant Control Basingstoke

An ant infestation can ruin your summer plans. They will crawl all over your home and contaminate your food in no time. Our local Basingstoke pest control technicians will survey your domestic home or business premises to discover the ant nest’s location before using professional treatment methods to remove them completely.

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Moth Control Basingstoke

While they can be a nuisance flapping around your lights, moths such as clothes and carpet moths can cause a surprisingly large amount of damage to your home and your possessions. This is because they feed off naturally occurring proteins, like Keratin, present in numerous clothing materials and soft furnishings. Our expert moth pest control treatments are available across Basingstoke and surrounding areas to protect your belongings from insect infestations and the damage they cause.

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Squirrel Control Basingstoke

Squirrel infestations are often confused with rat or mouse infestations, as the damage they cause, and the signs they leave are incredibly similar. But don’t be fooled by their cute appearance and bushy tails; squirrels can cause extensive structural damage to your property by gnawing through electrical cables, wooden beams, and floorboards. To prevent such damage from occurring in your home, we use humane pest control trapping solutions to remove them before proofing the affected areas to ensure they cannot return.

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Commercial Pest Control In Basingstoke

Our vast range of professional pest control treatments is also available for commercial customers across Basingstoke and surrounding areas. We've worked with businesses across numerous industries, including hospitality, manufacturing, logistics, farms and offices – no pest problem is too big. Unfortunately, pests and businesses do not mix. On top of the damage they can cause to your property, they also place your staff and customers at risk of health difficulties and can seriously impact your business's reputation.

If you’ve noticed signs of pests in your Basingstoke business, contact Countrywide Pest Control today for advice on our proactive pest management solutions. We’re one of Basingstoke’s best pest control companies, and all our treatments can also be booked online.