What Are Cluster Flies?

Cluster flies are small flying insects that can enter your home through windows or gaps in your roof. Their name comes from the fact that cluster flies like to gather in large numbers, often near entry points such as around window frames.

During the winter, the flies often enter homes to rest in warm spaces, such as attics and roofs. You’ll see them again in the Spring when they try to escape back outside and gather around your windows.

While cluster flies aren’t as destructive or carry diseases as some other insect pests, such as bed bugs or clothes moths, they can be a nuisance. Also, if you get a large cluster fly infestation, then they may contaminate food and make your home feel less welcoming.

If you notice signs of cluster flies in your home, then professional pest control is the best course of action. Call 0800 078 7255 to get a free quote today.

How Professionals Get Rid Of Flies For Good

Contrary to popular belief, cluster flies aren’t attracted to dirty homes and aren’t a sign that you need to clean more. They’re actually a seasonal pest, often found in rural areas, such as Berkshire and Oxfordshire, where Countrywide Pest Control operates.

While there are plenty of DIY fly removal solutions out there, for a major cluster fly infestation, professional support is often the best solution.

Our team have extensive experience dealing with cluster flies, so we can offer a professional fly control service that’s guaranteed to work the first time around. Using fogging solutions and residual chemical insecticide around entry points, we can remove cluster flies from your home with ease.

Cluster flies breed in decaying organic matter, such as animal dung. They also lay eggs on top of earthworm burrows, and their young eat the larvae eat the worms before emerging from the soil. As such, cluster flies are often found in rural areas and will often seek out your loft space for warmth when the temperature drops.

Because cluster flies don’t usually breed in your house and instead enter from the outside, they may return, especially when the weather is cold outside. One of the most effective ways to prevent fly infestations from returning is to seal entry points. While window and door frames can’t be sealed, we can block holes in roofs and walls to reduce the chances of flies and other pests from entering your home.

Also, if you live near potential breeding sites, we can investigate if there are any food sources for flies on your property. Cluster flies eat organic materials, so compost piles, excessive pet waste, and open rubbish bins can be food sources that attract them. We can suggest ways to dispose of organic matter or keep it securely out of sight so it doesn’t cause a pest problem in the future.

Using this proactive approach, we can reduce the chances of cluster flies coming back to your property so you can enjoy a pest-free space all year round. We’ll provide an initial treatment to identify and remove the flies, then return if required to remove any further flies and provide pest proofing services.

Cluster flies on window

Get Professional Cluster Fly Removal From Countrywide

Covering Berkshire, Newbury, Oxfordshire, Basingstoke, Reading, Southampton, Camberley and the surrounding areas, Countrywide Pest Control is the perfect partner for anyone facing cluster fly issues.

Our fully qualified pest control technicians can survey your property and offer you the correct treatment advice promptly so you can get rid of your fly problem sooner rather than later.

As well as cluster flies, we can also remove other fly species and insect pests from your home, so contact us today to find out more about our fly control services.

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