Why are pigeons a pest?

It’s true that many people don’t understand that some birds may be considered a pest. Whilst they are attractive birds to look at, they can cause all sorts of problems if not controlled.

Pigeon fouling “guano” can be particularly hazardous. It is generally infested with disease organisms which create an extremely unhealthy environment to live or work near.

Due to the constant breeding rates and the large numbers of pigeons living in close proximity to each other. Nests will contain, fleas, mites, ticks and a whole host of other insects.

Control methods generally don’t harm the birds as they mostly involve moving the population on and clearing up the mess they’ve left behind.

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Countrywide pest control have significant experience in dealing with feral pigeons and employ a variety of methods to assist in their control.

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More about Pigeons

Even if you couldn't identify many bird species, the Feral Pigeon is know to most people. They are found throughout the UK and indeed can be found in most countries in the world.

Historically the feral pigeon is descended from the rock dove. They demonstrate similar behavior by building their nests at high locations on buildings. They can also be found under bridges and other structures that provide adequate shelter.

Latin/scientific name: columba livia


300-350 mm and weighs between 275 and 550 g


Plumage varies but most commonly Blue-greys, reds and blacks

Life Cycle

Breeding season is at its peak in the spring towards the summer. Feral pigeons are capable of breeding all year round though.