Cluster characteristics, treatment and advice.

Cluster Flies are a nuisance in loft spaces and upstairs bedrooms in the Autumn. Particularly rural properties are affected which overlook open fields or pastureland.

To note, Cluster Fly are not an indication of a dirty environment but rather a seasonal pest which come together to congregate.

Let Countrywide solve your Cluster Fly problem!

Countrywide offer a call out and treatment service to deal with your Cluster Fly problem. Our fully qualified service technicians can survey your property and offer you the correct treatment advice.

Successful treatment can be achieved by “fogging” or “smoking” the roof space and also the application of insecticide.

  • Treatment limitations

    The first principle in pest control is to understand the root cause of an infestation of any given pest. Once understood successful treatment is applied at the ‘breeding’ stage of the pest and to address what food sources are sustaining an infestation.

    Problems associated with Cluster Flies are at the “Adult” phase of development when they congregate in late Autumn in preparation for hibernation. Whilst we can treat the adult insects, the desire to solve the root cause of the problem is effectively impossible. Therefore we cant stop the flies coming, but we can treat them when they get to you.

    The reason? Outside of hibernation, Cluster Fly lay their eggs in soil throughout vast open spaces, fields, farmland and alike. Once hatched the larvae seek earthworms which is their major source of food. So all of this development goes on over vast areas and this part of the flies metamorposis can not be disrupted and the Adult flies eventually emerge. The cycle then repeats itself until it is time to “Cluster” together again for over wintering.


  • DIY Remedy

    Cluster flies can often most easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Aerosol fly killers deal with smaller numbers.

  • Professional treatment

    For larger infestations whole roof spaces and upstairs bedrooms can be affected. In these circumstances you may want to consider our professional solutions.

    • Space treatment of roof spaces using insecticide smoke or cold fogging treatment.
    • Residual Insecticide treatment. Applied directly to the fly entry points around window frames

    Combined, these techniques will reduce fly numbers considerably. Remember though, cluster flies do regularly return and treatment of there original breeding sites is not possible.

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