• FAQs

    How do I know I have fleas in my home

    Firstly, in addition to getting flea bites you may see small fleas jumping in the carpet or on to your clothing. Wearing white or light coloured trousers would show up fleas if they land on you.
    We would always recommend confirming that you physically have seen fleas rather than just thinking you have been bitten by something.
    Flea lamps are a useful tool in determining if you have actually got fleas.

    Why are fleas in my house?

    Fleas can drop off of your pets and be introduced to your home from visitors. Also if you've just moved in, fleas could have been left behind when the previous occupiers moved out with their pets.

    What happens next? What can Countrywide do?

    We can get rid of Fleas from your home !
    Effective treatment involves appplying a residual insecticide directly to carpets and underneath sofas and chairs. Its important to treat all areas where pets may have frequented though so even if you dont have carpet in some rooms they are still likely to need treatment.
    We'll give you a list of instructions to help you prepare for the treatment.
    In most cases we recommend reapplying a flea treatment after 14 days to ensure they are all gone.
    Any garments or pet bedding will need to washed also and we would suggest at +60 degrees to kill off al stages of the life cycle.

    How soon can you come? Are there any guarantee's?

    Either book online with the form below or call our pest hotline free on 0800 078 7255 (24hrs a day 7 days a week). Our friendly office team can answer any questions you have and arrange to visit at the earliest convenient time to you. We don't compete on price alone with our competitors. Ask us why we're different and save money in the long run.

    How much does it cost to treat a flea problem?

    Its all hear on this page! See below for our current Flea treatment charges. We offer an open transparent pricing policy with no hidden charges. You can even Book Online with a full money back guarantee if you change your mind.

  • Pricing

    For established flea infestations we recommend Two visits. The below pricing is based on a per visit basis.

    If you are booking online we recommend booking just one visit and then discussing with our service technician or office staff to see if a second treatment is required.

    Studio £80 plus vat
    1 Bed Flat£120 plus vat
    2 Bed Flat/House£160 plus vat
    Additional rooms£40 plus vat
  • How to prepare for our Flea treatment.

    In order to gain quick control of Fleas your assistance is required to fully prepare for our visit.

    Firstly, all carpeted areas (Including under sofas and units) will be treated with a residual insecticide so it is important that the area is clean and tidy.

    1. Tidy up all moveable objects off of the floor
    2. Vacuum all pet bedding and sofa’s
    3. Vacuum all floors paying particular attention to under units and the edges of the carpet.
    4. Dispose of the vacuum bag or empty your bagless vacuum outside.
    5. Be prepared to vacate the treatment areas for 3-4 hours after our treatment to allow the insecticide to dry.
    6. Ensure all pets are kept out for the same period.
    7. If you have exotic pets or fish, please cover all tanks and remove any pumping equipment from the floor area

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  • How many rooms are there at your property? We recommend all carpeted areas are treated plus other rooms where pets may have frequented. These prices include VAT at 20%
  • Additional rooms are charged at £40 plus vat.
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