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The only indigenous British species that commonly enters houses. L. niger is the most common ant in Britain. Nests are typically found in soil but may be under paving stones and concrete. When ants have nested indoors, infestations may cause problems at any time of the year


Garden Ant illustration


Lasius Niger

Life span


Body Length 4-9mm


Black ant with a single segment at the waist


The ants feed on nectar, seeds and small insects, aphid and coccid honeydew, etc and the nests can remain viable for many years. Although they are ominorous they will 'milk' aphids for honeydew. 


An extremely common ant often found on pavements and garden paths. Sometimes found nesting in or under house walls, and under paving slabs. Ant societies are centred upon a complex nest that arises after the mated queen has established a small starter nest beneath the soil. 

The queen rears the first brood of larvae within the nest, feeding them on saliva. These larvae mature and then pupate to form the first cohort of worker ants.

They may also make collars of soil around plants to protect the aphids. This species of ant produce huge mating swarms in warm weather.  The queens have wings and are larger than the workers, but the wings break off after mating. Mating flights occur in July or August.

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